• Divorce Without Any Borders



Kayley Salmon
My case involved an extremely complicated custody matter. I called this law firm and their lawyer took time to listen carefully to my circumstances. He started to work out on my case immediately with due diligence. I ended up winning the case because of his hard work and efforts! Without him, no way would have been there to win the case. Thank you so much! I would recommend him highly to anybody.
Jannette Carter
This firm’s lawyer is my 3rd divorce lawyer. He does not waste time simply talking on phone or writing infinite letters that don’t go anywhere. He just gets the job done. So, I feel lucky to have found this firm’s lawyer to represent me in my case.
Tina Simon
My divorce was into the 2nd year when my friend had insisted me to meet this law firm. I felt defeated really and was extremely angry at court system. This firm literally did much more in two months then the other two lawyers earlier did in more than two years. What relief to lastly find somebody who really cared about my divorce case. If you’ve a spouse who wishes to make divorce as hard as possible, you need somebody very experienced and tough. They are extremely professional and clear. They are the best.